Sometimes you’ll flirt with other cities, losing yourself in a daydream about better weather, driving around, and having space to frolic and roam. Over the years you’ll become overwhelmed and exhausted by the grind, the grime, and the faint yet constant sound of sirens bouncing off buildings in the distance. You’ll be consumed by the feeling of wanting to escape this reality more than you’ll ever admit.

You’ll often decline invitations to go to museums, Broadway shows, and the Top of the Rock. You’ll take for granted all of the things you assume will be immediately and permanently accessible to you. “There’s still tomorrow,” you’ll assure yourself, while deciding to stream a stand-up special instead of going to see one live at the Comedy Cellar just down the street. “It will always be there,” you’ll think. Until, of course, for one reason or another, it’s gone.

On your morning commute you’ll leap over trash heaps while sprinting toward subway cars filled with nine million of your closest friends. You’ll tear up at least once when the train doors close mere seconds after your feet reach the bottom of the stairs. In this moment, and countless others like it, you’ll forget, at least for an instant, how lucky you are to live in the greatest city on earth.

You’ll stare down the tunnel and wait, lost in a lullaby playing through your wireless headphones, completely unaware that someday you might really miss this being part of your daily routine. And then eventually the unintelligible sound of the conductor’s voice brings you back to now.

You peer around the platform and notice some faces that resemble your own, yet many others that do not. You’re surrounded by people of all ages and races and hopes and dreams. Suddenly you’re overwhelmed by a feeling of solidarity, and the fundamental realization that we’re all in this shit together. You smile to yourself, about everything and nothing at all.

Across the tracks you notice someone else who’s smiling, too. Aimlessly and alone. You catch eyes, nod your head, and immediately understand that this is a silent yet profound acknowledgement of a shared experience, a shared existence, and a shared belief that no matter how tough things might get, for people like us, it will always be New York or Nowhere

NYON® is a brand about New York, founded by Quincy Moore, under the moniker Knowlita, circa January 2015. We design and produce art, apparel, and accessories, and have collaborated with many fine institutions, including the New York Knicks and American Express. 


Instagram: @newyorkornowhere