Giordana Cycling

by The Team on May 01, 2019

After a year in development, we're thrilled to finally be announcing an expansive collaboration with our friends at Giordana Cycling.

Officially billed as a Giordana x Knowlita (NYON's parent brand) production, the collection includes 52pcs -- spanning everything from cycling-kits and water bottles to casual-wear and art prints.

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Founded in 1979, Giordana is the definition of a purist's cycling brand, and we couldn't be more excited about forging this partnership with them. Quality. Style. Craftsmanship. All descriptors apropos of Giordana, as both a company and their resulting product, which is produced with passion and dedication, and entirely in Italy. As such, this collection represents something of a collision of contrasts. The modernity and grit of our New York with the history and opulence of their Italia. 

The graphic assortment includes some all-time favorites, iterations on existing trademarks, and a number of new designs created by Knowlita specifically for the collaboration. We've also remixed the "G" from Giordana's iconic word-mark logo, which appears both alone and as a pattern throughout the collection. 

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Thank you and have a great day.